Saying Goodbye

I had the chance to say goodbye to my friend Linda last Friday.  The card to the right is from that occasion.  You could easily see her kind and gracious heart through her children, husband, and friends.  Making my way around the room I saw a myriad of photos ~ all showing her smiling, laughing, and hugging those she shared time with.  Meeting her sons and husband, I had the opportunity to let them  now what a wonderful affect her presence had on us here in blogland and what an inspiration she was to so many of us.

It was the hug I received from her daughter after telling her I was "Plumrose Lane", that really touched my heart.  I knew the time we had spent writing to one another meant as much to my friend as it had to me.  What touched my heart the most was when her daughter said, "My mother was one of the lucky ones; she got to see her children grow and marry and spend time with her four grandchildren".  I believe the heart of gratitude my friend Linda passed on to her children and shared with all of us here in blogland, is the greatest treasure of all.