Celebrate OZ - Altered OZ 2013

My goodness time is flying by so fast I nearly missed this wonderful event, Oma Linda's "Celebrate OZ - Altered OZ 2013" ~ my sweet friend over at Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts holds an annual shin-dig celebrating all things OZ!  Fortunately I'm flying in just in time to participate.  Since things have been so hectic I've just got a short little post to share and a fun new theme that's perfect for the OZ lover ~

It boasts loads of elements from the new movie which I actually haven't had a chance to see yet but can't wait to!  I studied the online imagery a bit and tried to pick up some key aspects to this new (an visually stunning) OZ movie.  To view the new theme just click the title or image above and be sure to hope of over to Oma Linda's blog to find more wonderful Oz giveaways and goodies ~ here's the direction link for those of you using mobile devices: