Important ~ New Updated Background Codes 4th (and final) Post

I'm happy to announce that this is the final update for my background codes ~ Wow, what an ordeal! The faeries and I have been working some major overtime these past few months that it's hard to believe it's finally done.  Of course the new website still needs to be finished but at least all of my background codes are updated and this part of the Photobucket nightmare is now in the past.

If you missed all the chaos then you can read over the original post, "The Bucket" or checkout any of the previous posts below this one related to background codes.

So here is the final list of background themes ~ if you're using any of these backgrounds then you'll need to replace the old code with the new version... 

In Honor
La Cucina Bella
Magic Garden
Making Magick
Monochromatic Melody
Once Upon
Once Upon a Pink October
Sew Happy
Spring Folly
Spring Medley
Summer Carnival
Tattered Garden
Tea for Two

It's easy to update ~ just replace your old background code with the new code for your background size.  This change is taking place due to a major change in how Photobucket handles images.  Due to this change I am in the process of creating my own website.

If you're using a Plumrose Lane background and do not see the theme title listed above then check the previous postings below this one. 

If I do wind up getting some of that spa time, I'll be sure to post about it. Heaven knows I'm going to enjoy posting about something else from now on! *smile*