The Brighter Side

I see the gremlins at Blogger are up to no good again.... seems images and settings are randomly changing and disappearing at will.  Take my A-Z Blog Themes List ~ there one minute and gone the next. Yikes!  It seems the more I work on getting this new website up and running, the more need there is for it. There's certainly nothing wrong with our efforts paying off so at least there's a brighter side to some of this darker weather we've seen in blogland lately.

On another note, I've just finished a new tutorial ~ How to: Install a Blog Badge (or add an html sidebar gadget) and you can find that by clicking the title.  With the creation of this final tutorial I've now completely rewritten the "Basics" section of my Decorative Themes & Add-ons category, whoot!  It's been a long time coming and although this only completes one part of my tutorials library I'm still really happy to have it done. Heaven knows I can't imagine what this year will be like once I'm finished with all this techie stuff but me thinks it will have something to do with sunshine and lolly pops! *smile*