On the way...

A funny thing happened on the way to the challenge ~ I missed it.  *frowny face*  Even in the midst of March's craziness I was soooo hoping to participate in Creative Everyday's Challenge. Leah chose "Black and White" for March's theme and it sparked such fun responses in my mind ~ none more so than the childhood riddle, "What's black and white and read all over?"

I remember getting my first riddle book ~ how much fun it was to tell jokes and how patient my parents were listening to them over and over again, always as though I was telling them for the first time.

I've wanted to do a newspaper theme for quite awhile now so this was the perfect tie-in for that and the challenge sparked this new theme ~ "Read All-over"...

I enjoyed coordinating a collection of printed objects and making the faerie ~ see her there, sitting on the swing inviting visitors to read the accompanying blog?  She was a bit of extra work but I really love how she came out.

So even though I missed this month's challenge there's a new one already posted for next month and heaven knows I should be able to pull that one off. So, what's the theme you may ask? Why my favorite thing of course... "Color". *smile*

Wishing you all a wonderfully colorful weekend!