Etsy Mini Fix

If you're an Etsy seller then you've probably experienced the same issues I have when trying to get an Etsy Mini to show up.  It seems when Etsy made some changes to the code, about a year ago, the gadgets stopped working on Blogger.

Well I'm happy to say I've just stumbled upon a fix ~ Annie over at Anniedep  has come up with some altered code that makes the gadgets work on Blogger ~ whoot!  Here's a link to her posting:

If you follow the instructions you'll end up with a 2 column, 2 row layout, like the example shown above (only bigger). If you want more inventory to appear you can easily change the numbers in the code.  Here's an example of a 2 column, 4 row layout with the modifications explained below..

Referring to Annie's code ~ change the 2 after "rows=" to 4 and change the 238 after "height=" to 430.
I also figured out how to add the larger gallery version to a blog post or page so we can once again easily offer "galleries" of items for sale on our blogs.  For an average width blog page a 2 column, 4 row layout works best so I've included a screen shot and the code below for that layout.

Remember, be sure to stop by Annie's original post to find out how to install your own Etsy shop number so your inventory will appear.