I've been so busy with custom orders lately that I haven't had time to get in here and post about some recent prefab additions so let me begin by doing a quick shout-out for some new post dividers. I've included a sampling below but you can find the complete set listed on the Post Dividers page (direct link: http://www.prl-images.com/post_dividers.html) or on the individual theme pages.

A Fondness

Mother's Treasures

Read All-over

Tattered Garden

Last week's sale was a big hit so a HuGe THaNKs goes out to all of you who stopped by my Etsy shop.  The new Treasuries I created also helped to bring in some new traffic which was great too ~ it's been nearly 6 months since I put one of those together and they're always so much fun to create!

All of these helped bankroll my son's Youth and Government trip this past weekend so I sincerely appreciate it! I missed him while we was away but I know it's good practice to prepare for this fall when he's off to college. *sniffle*