More Newness

Just like my spring garden, we've got more newness popping up here at Plumrose Lane and that's in the form of some brand new blog themes (crowd goes wild!).*smile* These new themes are bursting with beauty and  gobs of intricate details... I love the darling little blue bird with patina-ed crown in Cotton Butterfly and how about those shells, feathers, and bones in Featherly? ~ sheer bohemian delight!

To view all the goodies for these newest themes and spruce up your springtime blog, just click the images or linked titles above.
These newest themes are also packed full of color which makes them a perfect submission for Creative Everyday's monthly challenge ~ "Color"!  Participating in Leahs's monthly challenges is my little way of stepping outside my busy custom-work schedule to create something "just for fun".  You can stop by Leah's blog to check out all the wonderful submissions for this month's challenge and be sure to look over her own artwork which always leaves me thoroughly inspired.