The Daily Journey of Creativity

"Whatcha doing?"
"Making a faerie... and a pot bellied pig."
"Weren't you making a mermaid?"
"Yeah, that was yesterday."

And so goes the path of any given chat here at Plumrose Lane.  I have to laugh at the places I go in my day-to-day work. From fantastical creatures to mystical meanings, it's a fun job and one I truly enjoy, most of the time. Of course there are those projects that take a temporary tailspin but the universe usually manages to kick-in at the last minute and save the day.
The work can be challenging at times, especially if I'm venturing into uncharted waters  ~ case in point, this custom project I'm working on for a lovely return customer.  Her beautiful landlubbing lady was created by an artist to represent a certain part of her business and while it fits, she also needed a water fairing version too.  My job was to come up with one that fit well within the artist's original work, to then use in a custom theme.

Working on these type of projects is always a discovery process ~ in part I'm discovering the image hidden within the original work, but at the same time I'm discovering more about my own skills. You see, I honestly haven't a clue whether I can actually accomplish the task and I really don't even question it.  I just go on a sort of blind faith that the skills will kick in when I need them most.  It's a gift I readily accept from the universe and one I treasure immensely. And so it's the delicate path I walk each day in my creativity and although there might be more secure paths to follow, I rather enjoy this one ~ it's laced with uncertainty but filled with the sheer delight of new discovers and bringing happiness to others.