Customer Shout Outs

Gee it feels like forever since I last wrote a customer shout-out. It's not that I haven't been swamped with work it just seems that so much of it has been related more to Helping Hands projects and helping customers set up their blogs.  The custom projects I've been working on have also taken longer lately as my creative envelope gets stretched further with each new theme.  Still, writing these shout-outs is always such fun because not only do I get to share some of my creative work but I get to introduce you to a great group of customers. So here's a smattering of some recent work and customers...

This theme took nearly a year ~ yes, it's tough to believe but some projects do take that long. We bounced a  lot of ideas back and forth and finally wound up with the perfect combination for this blog about quilting and other crafty projects.

This project was filled with fantastical imagery as we dove into the world of the macabre and supernatural.  The ogre was loads of fun to create as well as the other intricate details (note the swimming koi under spyglass) in this truly unique theme.
On a personal note, I feel bad as the customer took ill shortly after finishing the theme and hasn't had a chance to enjoy her blog yet.  I do hope she recovers quickly and am asking that you all send her some healing energy.

 This return customer was in need of an appointment card to coordinate with the business card I created for her a few months back so we wound up with this energizing set, just perfect for her Reiki sessions.

Glitter Tart Designs
This custom project involved creating two original images, the first was this social links bar with a vintage flair.  I chose to create what looks like a lovely piece of vintage jewelry to host her social networking links.
Glitter Tart Designs
 The second piece was her custom blog badge which includes the customer's own artwork incorporated into some other images.

Green Witch with Sprinkles
I don't usually do shout outs for smaller image projects but this one was especially fun since we included one of her actual products in this custom post divider. It's always a challenge working with actual product images but the results can be so fantastic!

Oracle Reading by Kawehi
Language barriers can often prove a bit complicated and while several of my recent customers have not spoken English I thought I'd give a special shout out to this extended theme project.
 Kawehi began with one of my prefab themes and then selected to have me created a custom blog badge and coordinating business images including a business card and thank you card.  
She provide the text for her custom badge so her local visitors could understand and share.

So that's a sampling of some of the recent projects I've worked on ~ I do hope you'll take the time to click through some of the titles and images to discover some wonderful indie businesses and even make some new friends.  Meeting other bloggers and online indie venues is simply the best part of this online world we all share!