A Few Bad Apples

It's crazy how much time I've had to spend on copyright issues lately. I find the whole thing entirely exhausting and nothing can sap my creative juices faster.  Sadly this seems to have become a regular part of my work these days. From customers using blog banners for other purposes, to bloggers removing my logo from blog images ~ these type of issues just seem to be popping up everywhere.

Of course I'd rather be creating new imagery than writing messages filled with legal jargon. Explaining the do's and don'ts about using someone else's work isn't my idea of a fun time, but it seems a portion of the general public has suddenly become clueless on what's ok to do with other people's creations (!?).

The other part that's frustrating is that I truly like and want to keep things "upbeat" and "positive", so writing about this is not among my top choices for blogging topics. Still it is an aspect of running a business, and sadly negativity is part of this world we share, both online and off, so I guess it's bound to seep in every now and then. And since this little blog of mine is about the business I might as well use it to share all of it ~ the good and the not so.

So there's my little rant ~ which really wasn't much of one, but at least I've gotten it off my chest. I think that's a better approach than having to go the route of a "Wall of Shame" or some other random  thought that pops into my head during weaker moments of frustration.