The Roles We Play

In the midst of a busy work schedule I've also been playing mom to a high school senior this year. My son's life has been filled with all sorts of extra activities from Community Dramatics and Youth and Government to  GSA and church choir. All of these make for a pretty full week but coupled with a recent day visit to his future college and preparing for his upcoming Latin Convention, it's a wonder we've had time to breath let alone shop for Prom.

But Prom night finally came last night and I got to play several roles including proud parent, florist, and photographer...

The florist came with the creation of my son's boutonniere and corsage for his date. Since her dress was aqua blue we went with fresh hydrangeas and small white orchids. I chose a selection of white feathers, stemmed pearls, and delicate white ribbon to add depth, whimsy and elegance. I'm sorry I didn't capture better close-ups but they were both happy with the end results and that's what matters most.

The photographer came into play when I captured a few shots of them before they headed off for dinner and the Prom.  I love the natural setting by the wall and how beautiful (and handsome) they all look.  It was such fun to see how proud (and nervous) they all were.

The proud parent comes into play through every step of the journey.  It's amazing to see the years blur by as you can't help but reminisce about where they've gone.  You think about your own prom, watch them grow in your mind's eye, and marvel at how they've arrived at this day. You feel this amazing combination of sadness for past years you can never get back, coupled with a heart full of joy for the futures that lay ahead of them.

I know this is just one of many steps along life's journey but what an amazing time we live in ~ that I can not only share it with my son, his friends, and our family but all of you as well.  I hope you're all making your own memories this weekend ~ whether it's watching a little one take steps or reminiscing about your own journey ~ life is filled with countless moments to be treasured.