Gone Missing? Here's the Fix~~

It seems the internet gremlins have been up to no-good and many of my lovely Plumrose Lane images have gone missing, humph!!  If you find they're missing from your blog and you installed the images yourself then use the steps below to easily fix them.

If I installed the theme for you, then click my signature at the bottom of this message to send me an email and we'll get things back up for you~

To fix the missing images you will be replacing a single word in some code on your blog. Here's a quick key of where to find the different codes for each image type.

Click on the "Layout" section of your blog then locate the "Html/Java Script" gadget for your background.

Post Divider
Click on the "Template" section of your blog, then click on "Customize". Click on "Advanced", then scroll down to "Add CSS". The code should appear under the "Add custom CSS" area.

Blog Signature
Click on the "Settings" page of your blog. Click "Posts and comments", code will be found in the "Post Template" area, 2nd choice from the top.

Button, Badge, or Tag
Click on the "Layout" section of your blog then locate the "Html/Java Script" gadget for missing button, badge, or tag.

The Fix
Once you find the code to fix the missing image you will simply need to replace the word: "prl-images" with "plumroselane". This word may appear several times within one snippet of code so I recommend using the "Find" feature in your browser to make sure you replaced them all.

Here are quick search links to help you find this tool for the most commonly used browsers:
Internet Explorer
Fire Fox

Once all of the words have been replaced then click "Ok" or "Save". The missing image should now be back.

Please feel free to contact me if you  need any additional help ~ just click my signature below to open an email message.