Update to Previous Post

Here's a bit more info from my last post about missing images, just in case there was some confusion... 
Paid Users: If you purchased a banner or a complete theme from me in the past then contact me through email (click my signature below) and I will send you the link to the new theme page. That way you will have all of the codes for that theme ~ no additional cost is required.

Free Users: If you were using one of my blog themes that used to be free and you still have the code installed on your blog then you can follow the instructions in my last post to fix the issue. The images will return and there will be no cost to you. This way my previous freebie users are still included ~ love you guys too♥

Installations: If I installed one of my themes on your blog in the past then just follow this tutorial to add me as a guest: I will re-install everything so your blog is back to what it was before. You'll need my email address for the tutorial so go ahead and click my signature at the end of this posting to get that and while you're at it you can send me a quick message letting me know you'll be adding me. ;~)

And remember that all of my "Just Backgrounds" are still available for free and will remain that way. You can click this title to access the page.

Hope that helps everyone and thanks for your patience! *shakes fist at gremlins*