A Little Progress - organization style

Well I'm happy to say I've finally made a little progress when it comes to reorganizing my blog/website. There are now three new sections to house my assortment of backgrounds & themes, elements and tutorials. While more work is still needed to complete the updates, the golden frames at the top of my blog will now take you to newly reorganized sections ~ making it easier to find the items you're looking for.

Each is now easy to navigate as well as having their own individual 'looks' which relate more to their subject matter and will also hopefully make them easier to read (I know this fun/funky background can be a bit trying on the eyes at times).

My desire is to post new additions in their respective locations and then just put a little blurp up here on my main blog. I also hope to add a bit more of a personal touch as I miss sharing a few key events and details in life - such as those darling birthday photos from my son's birthday a few days ago... you know, the ones that would embarrass him if he knew they were up. ;D

Anyways, I do hope you find the chances to be an improvement and I will continue to upgrade and improve as time allows.