Followers & Comments ~ What's up with that??

In an earlier post one of my visitors asked about the issues she's been experiencing with disappearing Followers and the inability for visitors to leave comments. I think we've all noticed how glitchy Blogger has been lately with these two aspects and I'm sure we're equally hoping a fix is just around the next blogger corner.

While the Followers issue seems to be ongoing and affecting most, if not all of us, sadly I haven't found anything that directly affects or repairs this issue. On the other hand I have successfully assisted some of my customers in overcoming the Comments issue and so I'll share with you know how we accomplished that...

The first step is to delete your browser's cookies, this is helpful as it can affect functionality and clear up online glitches but I must warn you that it will also log you out of all the websites you're automatically logged into. What I use to remedy this situation is Xmarks ~ it's a great tool that helps remember all of my log-in information so I don't have to. I've found it to be a free and reliable service so feel free to use them.

Once again you'll need to determine what browser you're using to figure out how to delete your cookies. I've included links below for how to remove cookies from the most commonly used browsers...

Internet Explorer




Click on the above link to go to a page that discusses how to remove cookies for your specific browser. Or you can also use this page which lists more help for deleting cookies from specific browsers.

After you've finished removing the cookies, I also recommend restarting your computer. This helps to ensure that the next time you start your browser you're getting a fresh clean start.

Once you've done this, I suggest visiting the area of your blog that controls comments. To do this, log into your blog and navigate to the "Comments" area under the "Settings" tab, as in the example screen shot below from my own blog...

On this page is where you can set all of the specific attributes related to comments on your blog. Now this page can be individualized in many ways and much of it is up to personal tasted but I've included a screen shot from my own blog so you have a guideline on how you might want to have your options set....
remember ~ to view a larger version just click on the image above

The most important areas to pay attention to are the "Who Can Comment?" area and the "Comments Default for Post". You'll want both of these to be set up so you don't have to worry about postings on a case by case basis. To do this, I recommend setting the "Who Can Comment" to "Registered Users", this helps lesson the amount of spam comments and the "Comments Default for Post" to "New Posts Have Comments" so that visitors can automatically comment.

When you're finished making any adjustments, be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom.

While I don't profess to be a guru of any means, and I certainly can't make any guarantees, I do hope these topics have been helpful and maybe even relieved some of the issues you've been experiencing.

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