Going Pink~

Well it's official ~ I am now the proud new owner of ~ Wow!! Can we say happy??.... Oh yeah! This means so much to me... for my Mom; who lost her battle when I was a child - and for my friends; who've lived to tell their stories.

So now comes the work fun ~ There's the website that's been sitting dormant these past few years; I'll be feverishly working on that over the next few weeks and I'm looking for a few good hands to get involved helping with the organization.

There are loads of fun little tasks ~ from participating in the Facebook and Twitter pages I just set up to being an admin. for the new Etsy team and soooo much more! If you feel you have a bit of free time and are interested in helping out with this worthy cause please contact me.

If you don't currently have the time but would like to help out financially then please contact me, we have a lot of start-up expenses to cover.


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