One of the few traits I'm kidded about is how I'm always multitasking ~ it doesn't matter what I'm doing I'll try to fit in a few other "to-dos" if I can.  I'm sure it comes from having such a full To-Do list but whatever the case it's something I do. 

The reason I mention this is because although this posting is about my current Fall Savings Sale it's also doubling as the backdrop for a brand new tool I'm offering ~ Video Tutorials!  I'm super excited to be putting these together, although I must admit I'm a bit nervous so the 'takes' are mounting pretty quickly. 

With the recent final switchover to Blogger's newer interface I'm receiving loads of daily emails, Facebook messages, and Etsy convos asking for help.  I've been able to kick out a few new written tutorials about the interface but with the average tutorial taking between 4 - 6 hours to write, I simply can't get them created fast enough to fit the current need. So hopefully with the addition of video tutorials I can get them created a bit faster.

Ok... as promised, here's that update with the video link ~ just click this title to view: How to Write a Blog Post

So getting back to the gist of this posting ~ if you're looking to save big on anything in my Etsy shop then nows the time.  Simply visit my shop at: to take part in the Fall Savings Sale.  Now through September 24th you can save 25% off everything ~ just enter this coupon code: FallSale2012 during checkout by clicking the "Apply shop coupon code" link in the payments area.

I'll let you know how the video project goes by coming back here and including the link once it's finished.  In the meantime I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend!