Google Chrome

I have to admit I've been a die-hard Firefox user for years.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Firefox has served as a popular browsing alternative to Internet Explorer for many years.  Over the past several months I've noticed some terrible glitchiness and with the occasional crash thrown in, I felt it was time to look for something better.

I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews since Chrome first came out and was quite reluctant to try it, especially given Google's reputation for prying into all things personal.  But after doing a bit more investigation and reading over some pretty rave reviews, I decided to give it a go.  Before actually installing Chrome I wanted to be sure I could still use several of the essential add-ons I'd come to know and love through Firefox ~ safe guarding my information was a top priority and not one I was willing to sacrifice.  Much to my delight I found a plethora of tools, extensions, add-ons, and more!  Aside from the themes (love mine), and the games (haven't tried any), I'm delighted with how easy it is to modify this browser and how fast pages load (wowza!).

I've written a tutorial and included it on my Tutorials page, highlighting some of the key features I use and recommend.  These tools are designed to keep us and our computers safe and in the crazy techie world we live in, that's a really good thing.  So take a look at this new tutorial titled: "Working with Google Chrome" and see if it helps you find a better browsing solution too.